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The attainment of ‘ilm (knowledge), is obligatory upon all muslims, may it be the sciences of theology, philosophy, law, ethics, politics or any other wisdom imparted to mankind from God through the blessings of his last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Our aim is to help spread information and knowledge about Islam by publishing the writings of islamic scholars and ulemas in book form internationally.

الزواج السري

حكمه الشرعي وأثره الاجتماعي

محمد فال محمد محمود السالك - ISBN: 978-613-6-30959-0

مقصد المآل في الأموال

وأثر المقاصد الشرعية في تفعيل دورعمل المؤسسات الخيرية

محمد فال محمد محمود السالك - ISBN: 978-613-6-30958-3


A collection and translation of Salawat (prayers) upon Rasulullah (Sallallahu 'Alaihi wa Sallam)

Imam Waked - ISBN: 978-613-6-30956-9

True knowledge of God and the Hereafter

Hosny Al-Bashbishy - ISBN: 978-613-6-30949-1

شروط الايمان الغائبة من القلب

حسني البشبيشي - ISBN: 978-613-6-30954-5

The Concept of Human Nature

Related to Teaching and Learning from the Islamic Psychology

Abdulkadir Isa Adam - ISBN: 978-613-6-30824-1

Islam, Do you truly Understand it

Muhammad Aliyu Waziri - ISBN: 978-613-6-30946-0

Summary of the Contents of the Glorious Qur'an

A Juz-by-Juz gist of the Creator's Word

Abu 'Isa - ISBN: 978-613-6-30945-3

أنا مسلم

مسلم بلا طائفة

أنور غني - ISBN: 978-613-6-30200-3

Nature and the reality in our existence

The one

Bashir Zailani - ISBN: 978-613-6-30781-7