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The attainment of ‘ilm (knowledge), is obligatory upon all muslims, may it be the sciences of theology, philosophy, law, ethics, politics or any other wisdom imparted to mankind from God through the blessings of his last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Our aim is to help spread information and knowledge about Islam by publishing the writings of islamic scholars and ulemas in book form internationally.

Towards Hifdhul Quran

Rayhaanah Omar - ISBN: 978-3-659-66411-3

How the Quran raised and defended women

Aisha Mumina - ISBN: 978-613-6-29682-1

Reason, Science and the Quran

Aisha Mumina - ISBN: 978-613-6-29737-8

Muslim Contributions to Sciences

Zakaria Virk - ISBN: 978-3-659-64654-6

The Journey Within

Khadijah Unnie - ISBN: 978-3-659-64341-5

The Task Ahead

Revival from the Turmoil

Salman Tahir - ISBN: 978-613-6-29694-4

Surah al-Kahf The ongoing battle between spirituality and materialism

Spiritual solutions to the trials of the modern age

Ridwan ibn Dawood - ISBN: 978-613-6-29612-8

Who are the Women of the Qur'an

Imraan Kajee - ISBN: 978-3-659-61804-8

QURAN FACTS - A Scientific Overview

M. Kemal Irmak - ISBN: 978-3-659-66802-9